About Us

CPD College Numicon training and materials is your singular contact point for all things Numicon, from Professional Development Training & advice to materials and resources. We are committed to supporting both teachers and parents in the teaching of mathematics. Our Numicon team includes Martin Pender and Alish Kehoe who are the only two OUP accredited Numicon consultants in the Republic of Ireland.

Across Ireland, hundreds of teachers have now trained in Numicon and are ready to integrate the programme and harvest a dividend in terms of better mathematics teaching and better outcomes.

The NATIONAL NUMERACY STRATEGY, as launched by our previous Minister for Education, Mr. Ruairí Quinn, demands better outcomes in mathematics.

We need to put NUMICON, its pedagogy, materials and activities at the centre of each school’s ‘NUMERACY STRATEGY’, schools that are committed to doing mathematics better by doing it differently through Numicon.

It is now time to act! Transform  your school’s teaching of mathematics by integrating the ‘Numicon Programme’ into current practice. 

At the heart of the programme are:

  • Detailed, step by step ‘Teacher Guides’
  • Superb Interactive Whiteboard Mathematics Software
  • The unique Numicon Shapes, hands-on materials and resource task books

As you will discover here, our website contains lots of information about the programme, its proven techniques and unique materials.
To learn more and to view the full NUMICON range, pricing and ordering details, simply continue browsing.


Phone: 053 9236088

Email: info@cpdcollege.com

For further information on the Numicon resources and approach, please see the Oxford University Press website – www.oxfordprimary.com.