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Numicon is a multi-sensory approach to teaching maths developed by experts in the classroom. It is designed to help children understand connections between numbers.Your child may already be using Numicon at school, but even if they’re not, it's ideal to support the early maths teaching they will be meeting in the classroom.

Through the multi-sensory activities and mathematical language of Numicon, your child will develop the understanding and skills that underpin his or her understanding of number.

Are you home schooling or simply looking to support the work that your child is doing in school? Then Numicon materials can certainly help you in that endeavour, be it great instructional activities in the Teacher Resource Handbooks, the activities that are in the Explorer Progress Workbooks or the materials such as the Numicon Shapes that will help get the Mathematical Idea across.

Deciding which materials to purchase is really determined by where the child is in his/her learning, the next stages in that learning journey and what you hope to achieve e.g. if the child is in junior / senior infants then you would be certainly considering a set or two of the Numicon Shapes, Numicon Baseboard and Numicon Coloured Pegs, Numicon Dice and Spinners, a small set of Number Rods, a set of workbooks and a teacher resource guide such as ‘Number, Pattern and Calculating 1’. 

Another very affordable option to get started is the First Steps With Numicon in the Nursery Kit.  It is a very cost effective taste of Numicon that also includes an activity book to show you how to use the equipment.  


First Steps with Numicon at Home Kit

Ideal for: parent supporting a child at pre-school / junior infant class level

ISBN 978-0-19-848688-6

Cost: €59.00

• 1st Steps with Numicon at Home – Book of Activities (1)

• Numicon Shapes (32)

• Numicon Coloured Pegs (52)

• Numicon Feely Bag (1)

• Numicon Zig Zag Book (1)

• Numicon Threading Laces (3)

• Numicon Baseboard (1)

• Numicon Picture Baseboard Overlays (2)

• Numicon 0–10 Numeral Cards (1)

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