Professional Development Training

We offer a 20 hour online training course on Numicon. This course has been accredited as an approved professional development summer course by the Irish Department of Education.

Our online training is supported by our OUP accredited Numicon Consultants, Mr. Martin Pender and Ms. Alish Kehoe. They are available within the course to advise and answer questions, along with moderating the discussion forums, where teachers discusss set questions and share their own experiences and mathematical approaches & techniques.


LEARNING OUTCOMES:  the following learning outcomes for teachers who take our course on the teaching of mathematics with Numicon.

  • Teachers will acquire a comprehensive working knowledge of how the unique materials that comprise Numicon, can be used to explore and develop a broad range of key mathematical concepts with their children
  • Teachers will revise, refresh and utilise the key pedagogical approaches to the teaching of mathematics.
  • Teachers will replicate the Numicon techniques and approaches as exemplified throughout the course in their own mathematics teaching
  • Teachers will know the teaching points that govern good mathematics lessons & investigations and replicate same consistently in their own teaching
  • Teachers will know of the availability of the range of Numicon resources that can be acquired and assembled over time to better support mathematics teaching
  • Teachers will better devise, resource and deliver mathematics lessons that are hands-on and full of potential & possibility for discussion and conversation
  • Teachers will utilise assessment techniques to regularly evaluate and benchmark progress in mathematics and see to fill in gaps in childrens’ knowledge & skill sets where evident.


For further information on the Numicon resources and approach, please see the Oxford University Press website –